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Theater Appreciation 9/6/11 CHANGE Midterm Exam: Tuesday Oct 25 Tuesday Sept 13 deadline for first play ticket reservations noodles3 9/13/11 Extra Credit Papers: - black print only - stable - title page - minimum of two pages of text - double spaced, one inch margins - don’t be afraid to go over minimum - 3-4 pages long on average - write in the first person - don’t write “in my opinion”, “I feel” - don’t use the past tense 9/15/11 Necessary for theater: audience, actors, playwrights*(know how to spell), producer, director, stage manager, props master, designers(4), stage crew, curtain puller loljk AUDIENCE & ACTORS - suspend your disbelief Audience <--> actor <--> playwright <--> director <--> designers <--> producer How far back can we go to designate when theater started? There are three main reasons why this impulse exists that start with the letter E. -Entertainment -Education
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9/20/11 Theater is a shared experience. Theater is an event that requires an actor/audience relationship/agreement in a momentary suspension of disbelief of an imaginary circumstance. 10/4/11 Subtext Training is essential to be an actor 10/11/11 Machinal Notes play takes place in about a dozen locations hamsters in a wheel sounding at times unnatural, inappropriate for scene “fourth wall”- don’t acknowledge the existence of the audience- then it started to break, people talked to audience was the main character bipolar? stress stress stress- life misguided, lost, inexperienced in life asks mom’s advice who is also in-equipped to answer subway was crowded-she couldn’t breathe, needed air “this isn’t what i pictured”, “I’m suffocated”, “this isn’t what I thought I’d be
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Class_Notes - Theater Appreciation 9/6/11 CHANGE Midterm...

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