theater_mid_term - Theater Midterm 1. It is said that a...

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Theater Midterm 1. It is said that a mime’s characteristic powdered white face began with a big of comedy in The Bakers Son as the character Pedro gets flour blown in his face by the baker 2. Performance artist Bill Bowers presented two mime skits that took place in a saloon and a farm 3. The fundamental relationship that is essential in order for theater to occur is between the actor and audience 4. The actors “instrument” - voice body emotional life 5. Theater is an event that requires an actor/audience relationship/agreement in a momentary suspension of disbelief of an imaginary circumstance 6. Emotional preparation is a process by which an actor is able to come to life 7. Major design categories: set, lights, costume and sound 8. Meisner’s first year repetition exercise is an improvisation of behavior versus ideas 9. The opposite of indication is truthful doing 10. Oldest tangible evidence of storytelling cave paintings 11. The actual scripts is known as the play and a particular realization of that script is called the production 12. An independent activity is a physical task that can be accomplished with the materials at hand 13. In Meisner’s terms an emotional change that occurs between actor based on the behavior in the moment is an organic shift 14. The underlying meaning of a line of text is subtext 15. The primary reasons for the existence of a drive or human impulse for theater as
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theater_mid_term - Theater Midterm 1. It is said that a...

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