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integration paper - Psychology is a study that through the...

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Psychology is a study that through the years has been proven to show how our minds and behavior reflect one another and just how science is involved. Though psychology can bring about many controversial issues without the debates we would never learn anything more. Psychology can be dated all the way back in time to the early B.C. time period. The questions arose causing people to wonder how our minds work relative to our bodies. Early psychologists such as Socrates and Plato concluded that are minds are separable from our bodies. Through their theories our souls continue even after we had died. Aristotle was opposed to such ideas and through his love of data concluded the mind and body were linked as one. Branching off of the studies of Plato, Descartes soon proved that science is involved with the functioning of our minds after discovering nerve paths. Thinking about the minds structure led to the concept of structuralism. Through structuralism psychologists began to realize that we don’t really know why we feel the way we do. Science therefore revealed itself from concepts of philosophy A big debate over nature versus nurture arose after personality studies were carried out. Are our personalities something that develops through experience or are we born with them? If you believe that we are born with them then the idea of gender differences and being born gay would be another area of debate along the same lines. By looking at a biopsychocial approach we are able to breakdown the categories in psychology into subcategories that can be more easily observed and studied. The need for such a psychological science is important just to relate our daily thinking. When psychology is broken down into subfields, such as the cognitive prospective, it helps to limit the focus of certain studies into specific categories. The scientific method is a big part of psychology on the science side of its studies. Philosophers seem to develop hypothesis that relate to psychology so through the scientific method such hypothesizes can be tested to form theories. Culture is a big part of our psychological being. Behavior from culture to cultures seems to vary quite immensely. Not only does culture affect our behavior but our family setting can as well. Science comes back into play when dreams and our reactions give insight to our behavior.
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Some people see the study of psychology is potentially dangerous when inner emotions such as dreams become involved. If psychology were to only skim the surface in such studies then the effect would not be quite the same. Anything can be used as good and evil. If psychology is used to simply understand how we function and relate to our minds then the level of harm is not even something to worry
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integration paper - Psychology is a study that through the...

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