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Answer the following questions with respect to the MIPS program shown below and the GT MIPS datapath. Assume that the data segment starts at 0x10010000 and that the text segment starts at 0x00400000. Assume that the instructions jal and done are encoded in one word and that the opcode values for jal , bne , and syscall instructions are 3, 5, and 12 respec- tively. A. Write the values of the words stored at the following memory locations. Provide your answer in hexadecimal notation.
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Unformatted text preview: B. What are the values of the following labels? .data label: .word 24, 28 .byte 64, 32 .asciiz “Example Program” .text main: jal push # procedure call instruction jal pop # procedure call instruction addi $v0, $0, 10 syscall # pop: lw $fp, 0($sp) lw $ra, 4($sp) addiu $sp, $sp, 32 ret1: jr $ra push: subi $sp, $sp, 32 sw $fp, 0($sp) sw $ra, 4($sp) ret2: jr $ra Word Address Value _0x10010008________ _0x00400008________ ret1 _______________ push _______________...
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