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sp07-jh-e1 - ECE 2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering...

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ECE 2030 -- Introduction to Computer Engineering EXAM #1 February 2, 2007 Page 1 of 5 Name: Student Number: 1. Check that your exam includes all 5 pages. 2. PRINT your name and student number in the spaces above. 3. Read all instructions and problems carefully. Points may be deducted for failure to follow instructions. 4. Show ALL of your work on these pages. If you need extra space for a particular problem, write on the back of the previous page. 5. You are NOT permitted to use notes, books, calculators, or other resources during this exam. 6. This exam lasts for 50 minutes. Point values are listed for each problem to assist you in best using your time. 7. Institute policy prohibits the posting of student grades using an identifiable key (name, student number, etc.). If you wish to have your scores posted on the course website so that you can check them, please sign on the line below and a random identification code will be assigned when the exam is returned. DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOX SIGNATURE Problem 1. (16 points possible) Problem 2. (10 points possible) Problem 3. (14 points possible) Problem 4. (10 points possible) TOTAL . (50 points possible)
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ECE 2030 --
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