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ECE 2030 A 11:00am Computer Engineering Spring 2011 4 problems, 4 pages Exam Three Solutions 13 April 2011 Problem 1 (2 parts, 18 points) Datapath Elements Part A (9 points) Consider the following inputs, shift types, and directions. Determine the resulting outs (in hexadecimal). Input Value Output Value Shift Type Shift Amount 0x87654321 0x65432187 rotate left 8 bits 0x87654321 0xFFF87654 arithmetic right 12 bits 0x87654321 0x10000000 logical left 28 bits Part B (9 points) Consider the following input and logical operation function codes. Determine the logical function and output value (in hexadecimal) for the operation. X Input Y Input Output Value Logical Function Function Code 87654321 00FF00FF 0x87FF43FF OR E 87654321 00FF00FF 0xFF00FF00 Y 3 87654321 00FF00FF 0xFF9AFFDE NAND 7 Problem 2 (3 parts, 32 points) Memory Systems Part A (12 points) Consider a DRAM chip organized as 512 million addresses of eight bit words . Assume both the DRAM cell and the DRAM chip is square. The column number and offset concatenate to form the memory address. Using the organization approach discussed in class, answer the following questions about the chip. Express all answers in decimal . number of columns sqrt(2 29 *2 3 ) = sqrt(2 32 ) = 2 16 = 64K column decoder required ( n to m ) 16 to 64K type of mux required ( n to m ) 2 16 / 2 3 = 2 13
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sp11-sw-s3 - ECE 2030 A 11:00am 4 problems, 4 pages...

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