KIC000003 - The field of gerontology o Chronolcrical Art...

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Unformatted text preview: The field of gerontology o Chronolcrical Art' ..... Count of [lOW m.ny t;lnl'la" inhabitant h.. orbit<1dtlw mn r» 50-joinA ....RP ,., 6.\ - U.s,"ition r, 67-SociolSttu,itv I') n "phn ron for ~""idL"'1 .r) 100- Strom Thurmond left U.s. Se."e [) What are probkms with using <:hmnological age! rv Research nn older .dutll!: I ) YOllng-old: 6.';.75 n Middle- old, 75-84 ,., OIck:Jd: 85 + 'W lI " , # _ . . . ,~on·rm"" ~1I'l' .... ,""tr l'.!'llIo1d'7rm -"IIIM ' ' 'II~ Defining Old Age rv Subjective Age: How old do people view themselves! n People may be successful In cornpensnting tor functional limitations they mlghr have (e.g. glasses for sight problems, h~riog aids, etc). rv Kaufman (1986)coined the term ~to capture Ibat 5t'/fremalns same despite chronological age rv One man stilt ",'(Irking as tngineer at 84 talks about putting money aside for twilight \'l2n;! () A 94 year old man doesn't like going to senior centers ~ too many old people show up! () All rb!s shows that a person can age in a number of .. liaYS which are not necellS:arily in sync! What is Gerontology? C Adult Development (" The scientific study of the biological, p;;ychological, and social aspens of aging. r: Originated in lhe late 19'h ceururv with the study or seoecsence () Application of eIDlutlonary principles [Q understand dedine leading to death in humans and other living organisms. r: Social Gerontology- subfield of gerontology. t') Mainly mrereseed in the social a><pect>lof agill~ (i.",. family relationships, health, economiC", retirerllent, ....idowhoo<\. n Looking at history, biology, p:!~'Cholc;:yhelps to understand agmg. Defining Old Age r. functional Age: How people look at what they can do. C' People become old when they call no Ioncer perform the major roles of adulthood. f ) BIological, P$ydl.ologkal, Sodologi",,1 o \1,'hal' ' ' ,orne 111", , , . 1 o Deflntnons vary culruraUy n Inuil Esklmo~ can no longer hum dutillg me w!l ..rer (Kerm. 191:(0). () G.nd.,bl ... ( 1 Physical functionin~ i1 App.arnnce n Socml Role.< n W'lm are problems with thi;<way of dd,,,ing old :lge! wikil..Ji".co,n 9/22/2011 1 , Subjective Age (cant) n MoorImportant indicators for subjective age appear to be activity It=1 and health....
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KIC000003 - The field of gerontology o Chronolcrical Art...

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