KIC000006 - 9/22/2011 Factors that Affect Lifespan Internal...

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Physical Aging What causes the body to age? The Paradox of Aging Why do people grow frail as they grow older? _ We grow "fitter as we age'} _ Some cells do have immortality _ Why do animals "deteriorate" at different speeds? Senescence= the progressive deterioration of virtually every bodily function over time. - When does this start? Measuring aging _ People are living longer, but Is the rate of aging slowingdown? www.NIA,Cl m Biological Theories of Aging Programmed Breakdown/Genet; cTheories _ Cellular Aging Theory - Telomere Theory • boDk - Endocrine and immunological TheOry Error (Damage) Theories - Wear and Tear Theory (oxidation) - Cross-linking Theory (collagen links increase) - Free Radical Theory (extension of cross- linking) 9/22/2011 Factors that Affect Lifespan Internal biological factors, primarily genetics External biological factors - oneese _ 0Ver.l1l phY51ealcondition _ Chronic conditions Environment - Geogl<lphy - Lifestyle - Nutrition Social factors - Economic status _ Occupation _ standard of living Wildp.d1 •. com Biological Theories of Aging programmed Breakdown Theories _ Aging is a direct consequence of genetic programming _ Causesfor aging are in genes which are in cellular structures - Biological or molecular "clock" Error Theon'es - Accumulated damage to DNA causes aging - Cross links cause damage at molecular level - This leads to overall aging and cell death 1
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Programmed Breakdown Theories of Aging Example: Cellular Aging Theory _ Physical changes (wear and tear) are programmed by the genes -We have 20,000-25,000 genes and the Human Genome Project decoded them after 13 years in 2003 -Cell division, mitosis (Hayflick Phenomenon) • Telomeres get shorter each time a cell divides. Error Theories: Free Radical Theory Free Radical Theory _ Free radicals are high reactive molecules that break off cells, have an unpaired electron _ Produced by using oxygen within the cell but also from outside sources of oxidants {po~uled air, <iiarene smoke, pe'licl~" Iron and CDpper satll, "Ome phenolic C(JnnllOund.found in many plant foods, and varlousd,ul51 _ Antioxidants are said to destroy free radicals _ But when there are too many free radicals they damage cells needed to interact with oxygen to make proteins Programmed/Error Theories: Evidence _ Genealogy, patterns of age and cause of death _ Centenarian studies ("talent in the form of genes" Perls) _ Twin studies (identical 100%,
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KIC000006 - 9/22/2011 Factors that Affect Lifespan Internal...

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