KIC000012 - • • • Cognitive Aging"You Can't...

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Unformatted text preview: • • • Cognitive Aging "You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?/! What is cognition?- Mental Processes Why do we care about cognition?- Affects quality of life- Necessary for independence- Terminal Decline Hypothesis: • Those who show show a sharp decline or are very low to start with are found to die sooner. EverydayIntelligence: What's Your View? list behaviors or characteristics that you think are characteristic of young adults who are highly intelligent vs. those who aren't? Anything special about older people who are highly intelligent vs. those who are not? Objectives What is cognition? How do we measure cognition and adult intelligence? What are common patterns for performance overtime? What factors might influence cognitive ability in older adults? What is normal vs pathological cognitive aging. Adult Intelligence: What is fQ? lithe mental activity involved in successful adaptation to the changing demands Of the environment" IQ, or intelligence quotient, is the score derived from performance on an intelligence test; it is an indicator of the "amount" of intelligence possessed by the individual. Intelligence and Aging Is declining intelligence Inevitable as we age? Types of intelligence- Fluid • Spatial Orientation • Abstract Reasoning • Word Fluency • Inductive Reasoning- Crystallized • Verbal Mearling • Word Association • SOcial Judgment • Number skills jphon~cto.oom 10/3/2011 1 •...
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KIC000012 - • • • Cognitive Aging"You Can't...

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