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10/27/11 Gender Inequality “She supports him while she’s working and he’s going to school”—Carol “Second shift” go home to second shift of work—unpaid; less valued by society Women are constantly putting their careers on hold for their husbands. Ex. Husband receives job promotion, wife puts schooling/career on hold to move with him women suffer later (divorce), they have to restart their career/rebuild their income. 1. Would you see males encountering the same glass ceiling that females encounter? 2. Within female dominated occupations, would you see males encounter hostile work environments just as females encounter hostile work environments in male- dominated environments? 3. What role do people on the outside looking in, have in shaping the way men in female-dominated occupations view their own careers in those occupations?
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Unformatted text preview: Men encounter glass escalator , they are bumped up as a result of “tracking”—men are tracked upwards, administrative positions • Consequences: inequality within organizations. Even in female-dominated occupations, there is still gender inequality as a result of tracking Men belong in upper administrative positions, making decisions, not a woman’s job, a man’s job Environments men encounter within these female-dominated occupations • Not hostile • Comfortable • Even within female-dominated occupations, men who work there tend to take care of themselves and other men working there • To extent of men taking care of other men are in positions of power and place male counterparts on that glass escalator...
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