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Moreau's Dilemma

Moreau's Dilemma - Adam Samaan BADM 2003W 28 February 2011...

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Adam Samaan BADM 2003W 28 February 2011 Cover Memo To: Mr. Matt Moreau From: Adam Samaan Date: 2/28/11 Subject: Sally Armitage Thank you for the opportunity to offer our services to Mr. Moreau. Our report is attached. The following is a summary of the key points. I. Major Issue to be addressed Mr. Matt Moreau needs to solve a dilemma involving ethics of the firm’s relationship with its employees. Specifically regarding the promotion of Sally Armitage. Ms. Armitage suffered from cancer of the lymph glands and is now back hoping for a promotion. II. Recommendation My recommendation to effectively deal with this problem is to give Ms. Armitage a raise and some increased responsibilities. This solution will address her want to be promoted as well as keeping her stress level down. III. Analysis/Limiting Factors The limiting factors are that if Ms. Armitage receives the promotion she would have an hour longer commute into the city and the high stress levels from the extra work.
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