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Adam Samaan Dr. Carter BADM 001 Section 11 18 November 2010 Individual Reflection 2 Upon completing the BIP Business plan my group and I worked effectively and combined our strengths to successfully complete the assignment. Looking back at the project I learned a lot about how I contributed, the importance of a business plan, and areas I need to focus on for the future. To begin, I used my strength of activator to contact my teammates to set up a meeting time that works for all of us. A good skill we used was not waiting to the last minute to complete the project. It was completed Wednesday. More importantly the strengths that I contributed to the group while we were working on the Business Innovative Project were ideation and adaptability. For example, I had the
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Unformatted text preview: idea of to focus on the long term of the situation rather than the short run. Also, both of my partners had different ideas as me, but I was able to use my adaptability to see why their input was significant. Furthermore, from this project I gained the knowledge of how to develop a business plan, which should be very beneficial in the future considering I want to start my own business. My partners and I worked very well as a team and all contributed equally in all aspects. We all did research, typing, input ideas, and editing. Overall, this was a very successful Business Plan in which I obtained a great deal of information and I would assume my partners did as well....
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