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Individual Reflection FYDP

Individual Reflection FYDP - Washington DC such as nearly 1...

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Adam Samaan FYDP Section 11 October 22, 2010 Individual Reflection After being given an assignment to create a business plan to solve a social problem my partners and I began thinking. At first there was silence and we were not really sure what to identify as the social ill. Then we started throwing out ideas and we came up with one that we were somewhat related to. We decided to do poverty in our nations capital, Washington, DC. We found this to be a particularly good idea because we see it every day living here. Now that we had our idea it was time to meet and discuss how we were going to innovatively solve this social ill. During the meeting we all had good inputs to create a fresh solution. Specifically, I did research organizations currently fighting poverty in the District. I also found facts about the problem of poverty in
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Unformatted text preview: Washington, DC such as nearly 1 in 5 DC residents live in poverty. I do not have any concerns about this project because I feel that our group did an exceptional job in completing the task effectively. Furthermore, I found this project to be exciting because we were able to take a real problem and apply business concepts in order to solve it. Lastly, I think being part of my team and possessing the characteristic of activator a major contribution I think that I can make to the group is having all of our tasks done in a timely matter along with being high in quality. Another contribution that I made was expressing ideas that my partners could elaborate on. Overall, this project was enjoyable and I believe my teammates and I learned a lot about how to use our strengths to complete an assignment....
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