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Samaan Adam Samaan Prof. Howell UW-20-45 7 November 2010 Annotated Bibliography Ardinger, Richard. Long-awaited, But Worth It . New York: Dover, 1958. Print. This book was published to characterize the Beat generation. It deals more with the philosophical side of the movement than the visionary. It also examines the interest in Zen Buddhism by the Beat writers. Ardinger’s book will allow me to discuss the importance of religion on works from the Beat generation in a factual and straightforward manner. Cook, Bruce. The Beat Generation . New York: Scribner, 1971. Print. Most of Cook’s book discusses the basic ideas behind the Beat generation and the authors. He focuses on the concepts alternative forms of sexuality, rejection of materialism and Buddhism. This discussion leads to the hypothesis of the Beat generation being bohemian hedonists, who celebrated non-conformity and spontaneous activity. This information will help me introduce background information about the Beatniks to the reader. Delahoyde, Michael. "Marxist Criticism." Introduction to Literature . Web. 07 Nov. 2010. <>. Delahoyde demonstrates to the reader the fundamental concept of Marxist Criticism According to Delahoyde and other scholars literature reflects those social institutions out of which it emerges and is itself a social institution with a particular ideological function. He focuses on a simple goal of Marxist Criticism, the assessment of the political "tendency" of a literary work, determining whether it’s social content or it’s literary form are "progressive.” This is one of my lenses and is basically a definition that I will expand on throughout my essay. Flusberg, Yael. Personal interview. Nov. 2010.
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Annotated Bibliography - Samaan 1 Adam Samaan Prof. Howell...

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