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Response to Coda In this final paragraph by Phil he takes the lead in standing up for something he believes in. He puts the reader into feeling that he or she is fueling this war, which makes it that much more significant. He mentions that all of us have laptops cell phones and these other devices that use these metals to be developed. It is unfortunate people are fighting over these resources. Furthermore, he shows that he is active in this fight by posting a link to send an email to the 21 biggest companies. The only thing I ask is though we all use these devices even activists against this war. These devices have turned into necessities like food and water. He uses poetry to alert us of what is going on, but the
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Unformatted text preview: problem is more people see commercials for these products and have no idea what is going on in eastern Congo. The media has so influential people will continue to buy these products because they make their lives more convenient and are necessary in most jobs and schools. Overall, this is a problem but if these companies would be spending more money to get materials for war free area resulting with consumers paying higher and higher prices. These are businesses they goal is to make as many profits as possible and at the cost they can produce these products the demand will remain high....
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