Is Sunday Morning a war poem

Is Sunday Morning a - my thoughts Response to Monday Poem In DJ Renegade’s “Monday Poem” a lot of scenes are explained I think it starts off

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Is Sunday Morning a war poem? In my opinion, I think Wallace’s “Sunday Morning” is a war poem because it is in our lesson of war poetry. In this poem Wallace seems to point out atrocities of war and I think that makes it a war poem. I am no professional and not really sure how to characterize this poem for real though. Overall, my best guess would be that it is a war poem. Response to the reading I really don’t know how to respond to this because I barely picked up any words. I think the author of this was trying to say that In Wallace Steven’s poetry a profound message is there and he takes a clear side in what he wants to tell the reader. This essay makes Stevens out to be a great poet and has a unique style to engage the reader. Wrapping up
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Unformatted text preview: my thoughts. Response to Monday Poem In DJ Renegade’s “Monday Poem” a lot of scenes are explained. I think it starts off as him and his friend walking down the street the morning after all the events in the latter of the poem are told. Then he begins to tell all of the events that happened. Specifically, I think there is a lot of emphasis on the scene at the liquor store because of all the description he uses. He then ends the poem with “I wonder if Wallace Stevens ever held a gunshot friend.” This clearly makes it seem as this poem is in response to Steven’s “Sunday Morning”...
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