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Rachel Dudash - the rest of your paper You also have very...

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Rachel Dudash Adam Samaan First Impressions My first impression on your paper was it has good concrete details that are backed up by thorough analysis. I also thought it was rather clear and I did not stumble or get confused on my first read. I believe the main idea is the comparison of Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman poetry through political activism. So far the paper is very strong, but I think you could rephrase some sentences and move some around to make it flow even better. Reread/Revisit First Impressions A) After rereading your paper again I believe that the paper is explaining the idea of Hughes’ and Whitman’s political activism and how they affect change through their poetry. Your idea is supported with good quotes and a fair amount analysis. This idea is that being politically active in their lives affects the meaning of the poetry. B) At this point you have many strengths in the essay. To begin, your introduction is clear and gives the reader a good idea about what you are going to talk about in
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Unformatted text preview: the rest of your paper. You also have very good quotes that really help your comparisons and contrasts between Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes. Overall, some of the most important parts of your paper are well done. Making Suggestions for Revision A) After reviewing Walk’s lexicon I think the two elements you should focus on is thesis and analysis. First of all, you think you do have a strong thesis, but I think it would be very beneficial to spend a little time with it to make it perfect. I am making this suggestion because your sources and concrete details you use to back it up are very strong so if you were to make it a little better the paper would improve a lot. Also, you already do have a good amount of analysis in your paper; refer to the check marks I made. I think that you could add a little more just to make everything complete and that much stronger. Overall, it’s a good paper and you just need to make a few revisions and it will be complete....
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Rachel Dudash - the rest of your paper You also have very...

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