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Somers-Willet - you I feel that the poems use of accurately...

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If the Somers-Willet essay is a writing model, what do you learn from it? -Organization -Argument -Analysis - Style After reading The Cultural Politics of Slam Poetry by Somers-Willet I learned a few new techniques to assist my writing. First of all, it is very organized and has a clear argument that the reader can find immediately. Furthermore, the analysis for the argument is solid and is directly related. Overall, the style is eloquent and this is a good model to read if writers need an example. Where are your responses coming from? How is the poem generating the response within
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Unformatted text preview: you? I feel that the poems use of accurately describing the situation of Darfur and hurricane Katrina makes me feel connected to the situation. Although I am not directly related to either situation I understand how detrimental they are and reading these pieces makes me want to do something about it. To me in an ideal world everyone is relaxed and is not so uptight at all times. We need to be peaceful and get along....
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