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Assignment description The questions that I have: Any topic is allowed? What relation does it have to have to the class in specific? What kind of lens? My philosophical view or authors? In my opinion, you cannot use philosophy to discuss literature. Any poem or text we have read? Can it be from an author we discussed rather than being one we were assigned therefore there is a little more freedom? What argument am I trying to make? What the poem or essay is about? What the author believes in? How I feel or what I believe after I read it? Concept- Nowak Concepts What is poetry? Juxtaposition What kind of rhetorical moves do you make to explain to the audience?
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Unformatted text preview: Rhetoric- the way you go about it Reader response Possible research topics: Beat generation Howl Waldrop Alarms and Excursions Poetry in a time period Shitty First Drafts William S. Burroughs Langston Hughes Walt Whitman Other famous poets with approval by teacher Research on the mind and society Poetrys place in society Why people read this? What they do with it? Counter culture Tension between ideas in a certain time period The idea of doing what you want when you want I want to make a name for that if it doesnt already exist Relationship between a poem with something else Media involvement...
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