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Responding to Nowak

Responding to Nowak - Adam Samaan Responding to Nowak...

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Adam Samaan Responding to Nowak- Explaining Concepts What is poetry? The Oxford English Dictionary defines poetry as a composition in verse or some comparable patterned arrangement of language in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. After reading Nowak’s Coal Mountain Elementary I was not sure how to categorize it. Poetry expresses a certain state of mind, which in my opinion that the reader is able to capture in Nowak’s book. Coal Mountain Elementary has a distinctive style and rhythm making the reader believe it is poetic. The author must be able to allow his/her knowledge flow freely. This allows the mind to be in a thought provoking state, which aids the author to create the most artistic verses. Nowak demonstrates this in Coal Mountain Elementary by creating his own unique style that lets the reader decide if it is poetry, prose, or a new genre. After looking over the text multiple times I was able to come to a conclusion that
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