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Adam Samaan Ms. Howell UW 020-45 3 October 2010 Research Project Research is defined as a systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. In my opinion, to successfully obtain quality sources the researcher must be dedicated to finding the perfect source. This takes patience, dedication and energy. Prior to this assignment I thought it was going to be an effortless task, but I was proved wrong. To begin, I was not sure where to start. I began browsing through Google and Wikipedia, but knew for this assignment there was a better search engine with reliable sources. I decided to go ahead and research the Beat Generation. I used The Gelman Library System from the beginning. The first source I found was a book basically giving me an overview or a summary of the Beat Generation. I specifically found the section about the Beat
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Unformatted text preview: Generation in relation to Buddhism interesting. Then I went ahead to search through surveyor “Beat Generation AND Buddhism.” I found an exceptional book by the name of Big Sky Mind: Buddhism and the Beat Generation by Carole Tonkinson, but it was located at Georgetown University. I knew that this book was crucial to my research, so I went there to do some reading. The author explains how beatniks beliefs corresponded with the ideology of Buddhism specifically compassion and a balanced state of mind. The research I did took a lot of time, but I enjoyed how I was able to connect it back to “Howl.” The first source was basic, but it allowed me find the more complex source to build on my knowledge of the Beat Generation. Overall, research is a tedious activity, but with patience and persistence one can learn valuable information about any subject....
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