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Who do you imagine our audience to be

Who do you imagine our audience to be - Blogspot because it...

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1. Who do you imagine our audience to be? 2. With that audience in mind, what hosting site? 3. What should our blog be named? I imagine our audience to be people who enjoy reading interpretations about poetry from students. In my opinion, I do not believe we will have a very big audience because I am sure professionals already have well-established blogs about poetry. Also, I don’t think many people want to read blogs from a class requirement. A good blog comes from something someone is really passionate about rather than a class assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: Blogspot because it was the first hit on google. My first thoughts on Waldrop were she is an interesting writer with a lot to explain. Although these were my first thoughts I was rather confused and hope to get clarification. The structure of Waldrop seems to be multi-layered but interesting. I agree with any of Waldrop’s thesis’s the social function of poetry is pleasure because she is a poet and she wrote her poem for pleasure not to be over analyzed and butchered....
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