The Nazi New Order

The Nazi New Order - • Racial struggle was a key element...

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Adam Samaan The Nazi New Order After German victories in Europe Nazi propagandists painted glowing images of a new European order based on equal chances for all nations The Nazi empire stretched across the continental Europe from the English Channel in the west outskirts of Moscow in the East Racial considerations played an important role in how conquered peoples were treated The conquered lands in the east contained living space for the Germans they were viewed as racially inferior Himmler a strong believer in Nazi racial ideology and the leader of the SS was put in charge of German resettlement plans in the east The invasion of the Soviet Union inflated Nazi visions of German colonization in the east Labor shortages in Germany led to a policy of ruthless mobilization of foreign labor Forced labor often proved counterproductive because of the brutal charcacter of Germany’s recruitment polices There was no more terrifying aspect to exterminate the Jews of Europe
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Unformatted text preview: • Racial struggle was a key element in Hitler’s ideology • Himmler and the SS organization closely shared Hitler’s racial ideology • Heydrich head of the SS’s Security Service was given administrative responsibility for the Final Solution • The Einsatzgruppen were given new responsibilities as mobile killing units • Medical technicians chose Zyklon B as the most effective gas for killing large numbers of people in gas chambers • The death camps were in operation by the spring of 1942 • About 30 percent of the arrivals at Auschwitz were sent to the labor camp and the remaining went to the gas chambers • The Nazis were also responsible for the deliberate death by shooting, starvation, or overwork at least another 10 million people • Nazis also considered the Gypsies of Europe a race containing alien blood • They also singled out homosexuals for persecution, and thousands lost their lives in concentration camps...
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