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The Turning Point - • The Allies crossed the...

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Adam Samaan The Turning Point The entry of the Us into the war created a coalition that defeated the Axis powers The allies agreed to fight until the Axis powers surrendered unconditionally Defeat was far from Hitler’s mind at the beginning of 1942 A renewed German offensive in Russia led to the capture of the entire Crimea Reinforcements in Africa enabled the Afrika Korps under General Erwin Rommel In the fall of 1942 the war had turned against the Germans In North Africa British forces had stopped Rommel’s troops at El Alamein On the Eastern front the turning point of the war occurred at Stalingrad The entire German Sixth army was lost after the allies encircled them The tide of battle in the East also dramatically in 1942 American planes destroyed all four attacking Japanese aircraft carriers and established American naval superiority in the Pacific The tide of battle had turned against Germany, Italy, and Japan
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Unformatted text preview: • The Allies crossed the Mediterranean and carried the war to Italy • The new defensive lines established by the German in the hills south of Rome were so effective that the Allied advance up to the Italian peninsula • The Allies had been planning a cross-channel invasion of France from Britain • Eisenhower and the Allies landed five assault divisions on the beaches of Normandy • German forces were soundly defeated by the Russians at the battle of Kursk the greatest tank battle of the war • In January 1945 Hitler had moved into a bunker 55 feet under Berlin to direct the final stages of the war • American forces had gone on the offensive and advanced their way across the Pacific • The Japanese surrendered after a atomic bomb was dropped Nagasaki • In World War II in which 17 million died in battle and perhaps 18 million civilians perished as well was finally over...
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