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The Coarse of World War II

The Coarse of World War II - • The massive attack...

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Adam Samaan The Coarse of World War II Hitler stunned Europe with the speed and efficiency of the German attack Germany and the Soviet Union officially divided Poland between them Hitler’s hopes to avoid war with the West were dashed when France and Great Britain declared war on September 3, 1940 The Germans launched an attack on the Netherlands, Belgium, and France Only by heroic efforts did the British succeed in achieving an evacuation of 330,000 Allied mostly British troops Hitler realized an amphibious invasion of Britain would be possibly only if Germany gained control of the air Using the Luftwaffe the German air force He pursued the possibility of a Mediterranean strategy which would involve capturing Egypt and Suez Canal and closing the Mediterranean to British ships Britain was only remaining in the war because it was expecting Russian support
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Unformatted text preview: • The massive attack stretched along an 1,800 mile front • Declaration on of the war on the US had probably made Hitler’s defeat inevitable and again turned Europe into a global war • On December 7, 1941, Japanese carrier-based aircraft attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor • Japanese forces invaded the Dutch East Indies and occupied a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean • Their leaders had hoped that their strike at American bases would destroy the US Pacific Fleet and persuade the Roosevelt administration to accept Japanese domination of the Pacific • The US now joined with European nations and Nationalist China in a combined effort to defeat Japan and bring an end to its hegemony in the Pacific...
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