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Adam Samaan September 2, 2010 University Writing My Writing Process The way I approach a paper is very inconsistent, but the steps are almost always the same. I am a fairly organized person, but I sometimes leave assignments to the last minute and others I begin immediately. This all depends on attitude towards the assignment. For some papers that I am passionate about I will go above and beyond the call of duty. I start by doing research and rather than only referencing the computer I draw from my experiences. I find these experiences to make an interesting paper that most can enjoy. Also, if I have had an experience that relates to the topic of my assignment I am more likely to write with enthusiasm. This keeps my paper from boring the reader. Then if the teacher requires it I make an outline. To be honest, I rarely reference an outline and find them to be extra work for me. After this I draft my paper using the facts I found through research and my personal experiences. After that I usually have a
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Unformatted text preview: friend or teacher read my first draft and make suggestions. Next I go back to the paper and create the final draft. I then revise it with peer review and make all necessary adjustments. On the other hand, when I receive a writing task that I would rather not do I put it off until the last minute. When this occurs I still make my best effort to create a well-written paper, but I get a little stressed. Some may think this is a poor way to deal with an assignment, but I perform well under pressure. These are the two main ways I deal with a paper. It all depends on the assignment to see how I approach the paper. I believe that my process to reaching the final product is exceptional therefore I do not have a problem when having to perform with time constraints and other obstacles. Overall, I have developed a strategy to completing assignments that has worked well for me....
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