The Life of Poetry

The Life of Poetry - my opinion this is one of the lines...

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The Life of Poetry 1. What were your first thoughts about chapter one? 2. Find and respond to a passage in the text that you think the author finds important 3. What is the text saying? After completing the first chapter of The Life of Poetry I was a little confused with all the ideas Rukeyser was trying to demonstrate. He kept going on about different ways people viewed poetry. For example, the kid in the streetcar who says, “I don’t read poetry.” To be honest this was the only thing I could relate to in the first chapter. I am not too fond of poetry. But what I did enjoy about the author was how he stressed to use all resources. There is one kind of knowledge that will be given to us all through school, which we are told is precious it defies time, it strikes deep into memory, it must go on being taught. In
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Unformatted text preview: my opinion this is one of the lines the author believes in the most because it of the italicized word kind. I find the text to be saying to realize the importance of poetry because it is up to the reader to determine the point therefore it is the precious kind of knowledge. Discussion: Ease the reader into poetry. What your expectations should be. Instancing- why the argument is necessary Background Example Analysis Method Process: 1. Topic- a reason for writing 2. Research- facts, textual evidence 3. Thesis 4. Prewriting- outline, more notes, free write, whatever to get you into draft 5. Draft 6. More research 7. Revision 8. Edit/ Proofread 9. Final...
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The Life of Poetry - my opinion this is one of the lines...

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