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Chapter 17 Terms

Chapter 17 Terms - Adam Samaan Chapter 17 Terms Atmosphere...

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Adam Samaan Chapter 17 Terms Atmosphere- thin layer of gases that surrounds our Earth Troposphere- blankets the Earth’s surface and provides organisms the air they need to live; the bottom most layer Stratosphere- much drier and less dense, but similar to the troposphere Ozone layer- greatly reduces the amount of UV radiation that reaches Earth’s surface Atmospheric pressure- the force per unit area produced by a column of air Relative humidity- the ratio of water vapor a given volume of air it contains to the maximum amount it could contain at a given temperature Convective circulation- less dense warm air that rises and creates vertical currents Weather- atmospheric conditions over short time periods Climate- pattern of atmospheric conditions found across large geographic regions over long periods of time Warm front- mass of warmer, moister air replaces a mass colder, drier air Cold front- the boundary along which a colder drier air mass displaces a warmer moister air mass
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