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Adam Samaan Comparative Government April 12, 2010 Red with bloodshed (Political Participation and Legitimacy: Thai Government) On April 10 th the “shaky government” and “red shirted protesters” fueled the worst political violence since May 1992. This tragic event shows us two major ideas concerning political scientists, the concept of political participation through protest as well as the idea of legitimacy. Both of these concepts play an influential role on the Thai government. To begin, I believe having the army fire at protesters weakens the legitimacy of the government for a couple of reasons. If the army has to shoot at protesters it clearly, does not have enough power to subdue them without violent measures. In my opinion, a government should never turn to violence as an answer to protest it leaves a bad impression of them to citizens and foreigners. It is clear that the protesters have provoked
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Unformatted text preview: and escalated this situation, but a legitimate government could handle it in a more humane manner. Furthermore, the red shirt protesters were basically harmless compared to the Thai army with ammunitions. The red shirt protesters were only armed with rocks and sharpened stick posing no major threat like guns and ammunitions. It is interesting to see where this event will take Thai politics. I believe that the red-shirts will not get their way even though they are making the powerful listen. It was a tragic event, but much will be learned and hopefully the Thai government takes the necessary steps in the right direction. Questions: 1. Will the protesters change public policies in Thailand? 2. Will protests continue? If so, will the army handle it differently next time?...
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