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Dialogue Short Story - Well looking at me isnt going to...

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Dialogue Short Story: Guys stop! What are you doing? We are doing our assignment. Well stop! It’s annoying Stop being such a grumpy kid. Life isn’t about being mean. You have to do stuff for other people. God I just want to sit in a circle and be all peaceful. Guys seriously stop! I don’t know how to do number thirty-one. I need to do my work. We our just doing our English assignment calm down. Well I’m doing my physics it’s really important.
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Unformatted text preview: Well looking at me isnt going to solve anything Blake, man I need help. I want to see if Im right I got f(c) is 35 How do you know? Dude f(c) is out. What? Why? Im a brain head I get everything right! Sasha walks up: Maybe you shouldnt be so grumpy Can you do this somewhere else! No Jason! All you do is sit there with your pretzels and a mean face...
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