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short story - Adam Samaan One Day It was a cold December...

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Adam Samaan One Day It was a cold December night in Yakutsu. An old woman was walking down the street shivering it was -45 Celsius. She was on her way to her friends’ 100 th birthday. Edna was excited for this night of entertainment; her friend Bernice planned an extravagant party for this special occasion. When Edna arrived, she was so cold she ran next to the fireplace to get some warmth. Her friend’s looked at her knowing that she did not look well. They let her be. The old women went on about with their partying and about 10 minutes later they glanced over at Edna and saw she blacked out. Bernice called the emergency services. Two men came scooped Edna up and said, “Look’s like frostbite.” They rushed her to the hospital. Once they arrived, they placed her in the emergency room and the doctor made the executive decision and said, “She needs to have both of her legs amputated.” She was in shock, trembling “this can’t be happening to me!” The doctor came back with scarificator and morphine to suppress the pain. The operation when smoothly, but Edna knew something wasn’t right. She wanted to give up on life screaming, “ Kill me now, I’m a freak without legs.” It was the morphine getting to her head. The next day Bernice came by and talked some sense into her. After a long night, she thought about it. She had a revelation! That morning Bernice came to soothe Edna. Edna broke down crying she was so happy to see her friend, but could not refrain from telling her what just happen. “Last night I spoke to God!” It was the most spiritual experience ever. God told me, “to live my life vicariously and devote it to helping children in Africa.” The recovery was slow and painful, but after 8 months of intensive care Edna was ready to hit the streets in her new wheelchair. She went home that
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short story - Adam Samaan One Day It was a cold December...

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