Aspirate - Preternatural beyond what is normal or natural...

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Aspirate- pronounce with an exhalation of breath Deference- humble submission and respect Fixity- the state of being permanent Gyration- to move in a circle or spiral Interminable- endless Knell- the sound of a bell Laudable- deserving praise and commendation Lewdness- crude and offensive in a sexual way Loophole- arrow slit in a wall Planter- manager or owner of a plantation
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Unformatted text preview: Preternatural- beyond what is normal or natural Ramification- a consequence of an action or event especially when complex Sentinel- a solider or guard whose job is to stand and watch Singular-exceptionally good, remarkable Stasis-period or state of equilibrium, stable Uncanny- strange or mysterious Undulation- to move in wave-like motion Wanton- cruel and violent action...
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