The Evolution of Humanity and Culture

The Evolution of Humanity and Culture - The Evolution of...

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The Evolution of Humanity and Culture 1. Natural selection a. Organisms better adapted evolve 2. Fossils a. And artificats show that we came from monkeys 3. Nonhuman primates and the roots of human culture a. Primate characteristics a.i. Most primates are tree dwelling a.ii. Moving on all fours a.iii. Active during the day a.iv. Sociality a.iv.1. Tend to live in groups a.v. Foraging a.v.1. They find their food a.v.1.a. Frugivores mainly eat fruit a.v.1.b. Folivores mainly eat leaves a.v.1.c. Insectivores eat insects a.v.1.d. Gummivores eat gums and saps of trees a.v.1.e. Omnivores they eat everything Multi-male multi female Contains both sexes but females make up core a.vii. Fission fusion group a.vii.1. Contains large group of 50 or more a.vii.1.a. Important because primates like us do this b. The great apes b.i. Contains large group of non tail primates b.i.1. Orangutans, gorillas, chimps, bonobos b.ii. Evolved by moving on two feet b.iii. Humans developed large complex brains b.iv. Brachiation b.iv.1. The way they can swing from branch to branch b.v. Orangutans b.v.1. Non social b.v.2. Eat fruits b.v.3. Use small tools b.v.4. Only asian great ape Gorillas Males are much bigger Live in single male multiple female groups Knuckle walking Walk supported by knuckles Chimps and bonobos They are very social Grooming is main activity Debates over which one is more like humans Bonobos walk more upright
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View Full DocumentRight Arrow Icon Chimps are patrilocal, kids stay in group Females leave to reproduce Bonobos have a lot of sex Solve disupted by genital rubbing Chimps are better model for humans
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The Evolution of Humanity and Culture - The Evolution of...

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