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Goals Paper According to the Webster Dictionary a goal is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.” In other words, having a goal is knowing exactly what you want and how you are going to get it. Without goals we only have ideas of what we want to do which might just turn into wishful thinking. Therefore we need to set our goals to force us to set our priorities and define reality. In this paper I am going to identify my academic, personal, career, and financial goals while attending school. My number one academic goal is to have a G.P.A above 3.0 every semester during my four years at Iowa State. So far my classes have been very challenging and I am trying my best to adapt to college and keep my grades up in all classes but I am still not satisfied with the grades I am getting. In order to improve that I will have to work on a long term goal I have of learning to manage my time. By developing my time managing skills I believe I will be able to do all of what I have to do and still have plenty of time to relax. For my school I work I plan on having a calendar in front of my computer desk that lists all my assignments and their due dates. This will ensure that I complete the assignments before they are due. I also plan on creating a study schedule where I list the course materials for the class I am currently in and read over that material before class so I can be part of class discussions. I also plan on deactivating my Facebook account during the day so that I will not be distracted and will use my time more efficiently getting my homework done faster. I will make a schedule every week of how my day are going to go, setting a time to study, work out, and relax. Another short term academic goal I have is to get to know all of my professors. They're
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Goals Paper - Goals Paper According to the Webster...

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