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lecture notes - Lecture Notes 1 thermoregulation-ectotherms...

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Lecture Notes 1 11/13/07 thermoregulation -ectotherms- take temp of envir, -endotherms what we are we maintain temp, -heterotherms - goes with thermodynamics - why is it when you exercise you warm up heat is converted, 2nd law - we are constantly fighting it by eating, squirrel - we rely on diffusion so take temp into account - thermo=warmth - ecto- outside - rectum- easy place for core temp to large intestine - you are using it and losing it use heat to mainatin body temp - we shiver losing more energy than we can withstand - nerve impulse= action potential - rate of diffusion slows as you get cold and gas exchange with oxygen compartments in body like circulatory system interstitial fluid - demands on energy use are the same - thermoregulation is central to us - ectotoherms, migrate etc. hibernate - also cant find food usually - energy is lost as heat - when you shiver you are getting close to dying - heterotherms hetero-different, homo-same - hummingbird- early bird has to get worm or it dies, has high metabolic rate, need to maintain body temp - small birds have hard time, so at night they don’t try, they sort of become ectotherms and hibernate but not really, just torpor- low activity - nature- is less apt then we are, we have higher energy budget
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lecture notes - Lecture Notes 1 thermoregulation-ectotherms...

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