wilddraft - Into the Wild, by Sean Penn Sean Penns Into the...

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Into the Wild , by Sean Penn Sean Penn’s Into the Wild is a biographical drama film adapted from the book with the same name by Jon Krakeuer. The film centers around the life journey of a college student, Christopher McCandless , who after being suffocated by the high standards of society decides to fight for his freedom. He abandons his wealthy parents and all of his possessions to enter a journey to Alaska where he encounters challenges that change his life. After two years in this adventure Christopher is forced to face the truth of reality and suffers a painful slow death alone in a bus. The final sorrowful mood in the tragic end of this film is overcome by scenes such as the apple scene that show the joy Chris had in discovering himself while fighting for his freedom. In this comical scene Sean Penn employs a series of cinematography techniques such as breaking the forth way, monologue and allusion to set the mood of joy and accomplishment in the midst of hunger and loneliness. The apple scene begins with Christopher being framed in the center of the camera next to his backpack holding an apple in his hands. The camera is positioned at a low shot angle showing the protagonist and his surroundings; soundless calm trees and the stable pure sound of the waterfall. The camera stays in the same position until the very last second of the scene when
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wilddraft - Into the Wild, by Sean Penn Sean Penns Into the...

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