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Lola’s Learning in Run, Lola, Run Sara Emamian September 13, 2010 The film Run, Lola, Run is unlike most films because it could it appears at first glance to be a series of alternate realities. Each of three scenarios is played out differently but the main idea is the same: Lola has just received a phone call from her boyfriend, Manni, and she learns that if she does not find him one hundred thousand marks in the next twenty minutes, he will be killed. The film can easily be interpreted as three separate scenarios, only one of which truly happens. Though, upon looking closer, we notice minor details that suggest that Lola lives in a warped time scale in which she can relive the scenario until she makes it right, and she is able apply knowledge gained in previous scenarios to work toward a better final outcome. In the first scenario, Lola ends up helping Manni rob a grocery because her father refuses to give her the money. Upon entering the scene where a policeman has Manni at gunpoint, Lola knocks the policeman to the ground and grabs his gun, but realizes that she doesn’t know how to use it. Manni instructs her how to remove the safety lock so that she can shoot if necessary. The scenario plays out to be to be ultimately unsuccessful: Lola is shot and killed by a policeman in the end. In the second scenario, we notice that when Lola takes her father hostage in the bank with a gun stolen from the security guard, she remembers how to remove the safety lock without instruction (even after the security guard says, “you don’t even know how toy use that thing”). In the film’s distorted and unrealistic time scale, Lola is able to remember from before how to use the gun to achieve to her ultimate goal: acquiring the money to save Manni’s life.
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Right after Lola is shot in the chest in the first scenario, we travel to a mysterious and unidentified time when Manni and Lola are in bed talking. Lola asks Manni if he loves her, and he tells her he does. Then, she asks how he is sure, and he replies, “I just am”. They have a convoluted conversation about how he can be sure, and then we travel back to Lola lying on the ground in the street after being shot in the chest. She says, “I don’t want to leave”. Lola decides that it is not over and that she can still go back and
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RLR-Sara - Lolas Learning in Run Lola Run Sara Emamian The...

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