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RLR-Rosie RD - Rosie Ebadat UW Write Lola Write September...

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Rosie Ebadat UW Write Lola Write September 14, 2010 Seconds on the Ticking Clock- Are they Going By? “Time is making fools of us again.” -J.K. Rowling This quote by J.K Rowling very much applies to the German film Run Lola Run , a film by David Twhony. It is the story of a young woman by the name of Lola who receives an unexpected and life-changing call for her beau Manni. In this phone call, Manni shares with Lola that he has lost 100,000 marks belonging to a very dangerous man. He gives Lola an ultimatum stating that if he does not find the money promptly by noon, he will be killed. Frantic and confused, Lola urges Manni not to do anything stupid, and to wait for her, as she will find the 100,000 marks by noon, which is also only twenty minutes away. In the film Lola is given almost what is three lives to find her happy ending, but which is the actual ending? While it may seem that Lola is running through time in order to save Manni, is that what she wants? As she is running the clock keeps ticking, but is time really moving forward? Even though we can see twenty minutes go by in each of the three scenarios we are left unknown about the real future, and by the events that take place we can see that Manni is not the only thing on Lola’s mind. The movie begins to the Lola on the phone with her boyfriend Manni hysterical, and in desperate need for help. He has lost 100,000 marks on the train, and has only twenty minutes to find fast cash in order to pay back a powerful and frightening man. Very much in love with Manni, and worried for his well being, Lola assures Manni that she will find him the money, not to worry, and to wait for her. Lola runs to her father, figuring in a time like this there would be no one better to turn to than her father. After being denied from her father, Lola runs to Manni, and aids him in a grocery store robbery.
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The successfully obtain 100,000 marks, but at the strike of noon, Lola is shot by a police officer. With Manni above her as Lola is breathes her last breaths, a clip is played from
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RLR-Rosie RD - Rosie Ebadat UW Write Lola Write September...

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