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Kenny O’Brien September 12, 2010 UW20: Write Lola, Write Rough Draft: Analysis of Run Lola, Run Motivating Question: In Run Lola, Run, do particular actions or details affect the outcome of each of the three plotlines? Are there any other factors that shape the way the plotlines unfold? Run Lola Run , a 1998 film directed by Tom Tykwer allows viewers to experience three different plotlines in one film. Tykwer begins the movie by immediately introducing a feeling of suspense and desperation. Lola, the central character, is in a dilemma. She has twenty minutes to figure out a way to save her boyfriend Manni, who accidentally lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. From this point in the film Tykwer pins the action on Lola as she literally runs from her apartment looking to find any way to find the money for her lover. Lola encounters various types of people throughout the film, but Tykwer changes the details of Lola’s action, ultimately changing the entire plot of the film. Through Tykwer’s alterations in detail, Lola’s changes her fate. The three different outcomes imply that there is no such thing as fate and that we can form our own destinies. While watching the film, one constantly asks himself “what if.” Tykwer’s strategic ways of altering nearly every possible detail of the film leave the viewer constantly guessing what’s going to happen next. Sometimes however, his alterations may help to foreshadow the future plot. Each plotline opens up in the same setting. Lola, in cartoon form, begins to run down her staircase and out of her apartment. On the way she encounters a dog and its owner, as well as an old woman walking a baby in a stroller. She frantically continues running, hoping to find help with her dilemma through the one
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person she knows can help: her father. The run to her father’s apartment sets a different mood in each of the three plotlines, sometimes foreshadowing what the outcome of her desperate attempt will be. The first plotline opens up with Lola hanging up her house phone and sprinting down the stairs. While cutting around the spiral staircase, she encounters a growling dog and its smirking owner. She runs right by the dog and proceeds outside. As soon as she gets outside she turns a corner and crashes into an old lady with a stroller. The old lady remarks, “You bitch!” And Lola continues on her way. The frantic beginning of this plotline, emphasized by Lola’s attempt to run away from the dog and wind up crashing
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RLR Essay - Kenny OBrien September 12, 2010 UW20: Write...

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