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1 Kenny O’Brien September 28, 2010 UW20: Write Lola, Write Analysis of Run Lola, Run Fate? Or A Controllable Destiny? As she approaches the exit of the Deutsche Transfer Bank, she stops. Lola tosses the loaded gun to the ground and walks out with 100,000 marks in hand. Surrounded by SWAT teams and snipers, she freezes. The suspenseful bass of the background music beats quicker and quicker as an officer clad in a black bulletproof vest tackles her. Mistaken for a pedestrian, she is released from the officer and continues to sprint to Manni. She screams at the top of her lungs, “Manni!” ( Run Lola, Run ) And alas, they have found each other with no time to spare. As Manni walks through the street to meet Lola, the sound of a siren becomes increasingly sharp. What looked like a happy ending to a hectic story quickly changes as an ambulance runs over Manni, leaving him dead on the pavement With twenty minutes to save Manni from his mobster boss, Lola goes to extremes to help in any way. The ways in which she handles this task ultimately change the entire plot of the film. We can form our own destinies through the decisions we make and the way we handle adversity. If we make rash decisions, anything can happen. If we leave things up to chance, they can turn for the better or worse. In Run Lola, Run Lola forms her own destinies through the different ways she handles her dilemma, proving that there is no such thing as fate. While Lola shapes her destiny by her own decisions, there are also other factors that cause the different outcomes. A factor that deeply affects the plotlines is the idea of
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2 “chance.” In each of the different plotlines, does Lola deserve the outcome she receives? In the first plotline, Lola attempts to help Manni rob a bank. Her desperately unjust and foolish action left her lying on the pavement with a bullet hole in her chest. In the second plotline, luck is somewhat on Lola’s side, despite her gun-wielding encounter with her father. The second plotline seems somewhat sympathetic to Lola, who holds her father at gunpoint and is somehow allowed to flee the scene with the money she stole. Lola takes a chance in this plotline by robbing the bank, and while she was lucky enough to get away from the police initially, the scene still ends with Manni dead in the middle of the street. The idea of chance in the third plotline is most prominent. While Lola is unable to reach her father in time, she decides to leave the entire dilemma up to chance. She does this at first by closing her eyes and running across the city, and fortunately ending up outside a casino. Lola then tests her luck by betting all of her money on two games of Russian roulette. Luck in this plotline is a main factor. Lola in this scene avoids crashing
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RLR Essay RD revised - 1 Kenny OBrien UW20 Write Lola Write...

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