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Billy Madison RD

Billy Madison RD - Kenny OBrien December 1 2010 UW Write...

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Kenny O’Brien December 1, 2010 UW - Write Lola Write Film Review - Billy Madision This is a story about the odyssey of an apathetic Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) who can be bluntly described as a man-child. A character with a middle aged man’s body and a child’s brain… an immature child for even more clarity. His crude behavior and inability to show any intelligence creates a problem when his father Brian Madison (Darren McGavin) plans to retire and hand off his Fortune 500 company. He decides to pass on giving Billy control of the company for obvious reasons, but Billy bets that he can complete all twelve grades in twenty-four weeks to prove that he is capable of running the company. Billy faces challenges such as learning to write in cursive and attempting to fit in with the crowd. He becomes smitten by his teacher Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson) and his hormones begin to conflict with his desire to pass second grade.
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