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Kenny O’Brien – Criminal Justice 11/3 Female Institutions - generally smaller - majority are minimum security; often campus model - but, suffer from lack of health, treatment, and educational facilities - limited vocational training o first, don’t see voc ed as appropriate for women, except sewing, etc. Who’s locked up? - mostly not much different than men: o primarily young, unmarried, poorly educated, minority group members. o From broken homes o Psychological/substance abuse problems - DIFFERENCES WITH WOMEN: History of physical and sexual abuse - Subject to sexual exploitation/abuse Female Prisonization? - behavior is less violent than males - anti-authority code of male institutions does not exist - may engage in self-destructive behavior to cope with problems - creation of make-believe families as coping mechanism Prisoner’s Rights - Hands-off doctrine : administrators were given a free hand to run institutions
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Unformatted text preview: irrespective of constitutional violations o Prison administration was a technical matter best left to experts o Society was apathetic o Prisoners constitutional rights viewed as limited approach-Cooper v. Pate (1964) signaled the end of the hands-off doctrine Black Muslim could go to fed courts******test****-Minimal standards of human dignity: prisoners are still persons under the law o Access to courts, legal services and materials o Freedom of expression o Freedom of religion o Right to medical treatment o Access to reading materials and media o Prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment Conduct which shocks the reasonable conscience (lengthy solitary confinement, shackling, excessive physical punishment, torture) Leaving Prison- Parole: early release of prisoner subject to conditions set by a parole board...
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