MiniProject - turn(t,0) def house(t,height): turn(t,90)...

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def square(t,length): for side in range (4): forward(t,30) turn(t,90) def triangle(t,length): for side in range (3): forward (t,30) turn (t,-120) def circle (t,length): for side in range (18): turn(t,35) forward(t,10) def line (t,length): for side in range (1): forward (t,40)
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Unformatted text preview: turn(t,0) def house(t,height): turn(t,90) square(t,30) triangle(t,30) def tree(t, height): circle(t,45) penUp turn(t,-90) penDown line(t,40) def newNeighborhood(t,height): for side in range (1): forward(t,90) turn(t,0) triangle(t,30)...
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