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# Reading and writing files. .. # readAndPrint reads the contents of a text file and prints it out # to command area # # Note the dot notation. read and close are methods, not functions. def readAndPrint(filename): inConnection = open(filename, "rt") text = inConnection.read() print "The text is. ..", text inConnection.close() # inputAndWrite gets some text from a user and then writes it out to file def inputAndWrite(filename): text = requestString("Type some text that you want to save into a file") outConnection = open(filename, "wt") outConnection.write(text) outConnection.close() # readAndWrite makes a copy of a text file named "temp.bak" in the same # folder as the original. def readAndWrite(filename): inConnection = open(filename, "rt") text = inConnection.read() inConnection.close() outConnection = open(getPath(filename)+"temp.bak", "wt") outConnection.write(text) outConnection.close() # downloadAndPrint is like readAndPrint but works for a web address, # not a local file name def downloadAndPrint(url):
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09_3_read_and_write-1 - Reading and writing files...

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