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q3-practice - Quiz 3 Practice Questions[1 If the statement...

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Quiz 3 Practice Questions 1 [1] If the statement is true, circle the T to its right. If the statement is false, circle the F . Hint: Read the statements carefully. There are about the same number of true and false statements in the set, and the false statements are designed to sound plausible. 1 HTML has loops. T F 2 A markup language indents regular text to indicate document structure. T F 3 On web pages, colors are set by giving their hexadecimal codes (e.g. #FFFFFF). T F 4 An HTML document is enclosed in <html></html> tags. T F 5 An image is inserted into a web page in HTML by using a <pic> tag. T F 6 A Python string must be delimited by parentheses (e.g. (string)), square brackets (e.g. [string]) or braces (e.g. {string}). T F 7 An ampersand escape (e.g. &gt;) allows us to insert special characters into a string in Python. T F 8 In Python, string[n:m] gives you the character indexed by n up to (but not including) the one indexed by m. T F 9 In Python, string.find(pattern) lets us find the pattern in the string and returns a 1 or 0 depending on whether the pattern is found. T F 10 When we open a file in Python to read it, we have to say whether we are reading text or bytes (binary data). T F 11 A Python module that we use to access web sites over the Internet is called urllib. T F 12 Weizenbaum’s “Eliza” program simulated a psychotherapist. T F 13 Ethernet is a common mid-level network protocol widely used to connect computers in single buildings or offices. T F 14 The World-Wide Web is a network of networks. T F 15 The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows computers to send e-mail messages to each other. T F 16 URLs allow us to reference material on the Internet. T F 17 On the Internet data generally flows from server to client (like reading a file). T F 18 A browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) is a server. T F 19 In Javascript, variables must be declared before they are used. T F 20 Events are actions taken by the user that can be caught by a program written in JavaScript. T F 21 HTML is a programming language. 22 A tag in HTML is enclosed in <angle brackets>
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Quiz 3 Practice Questions 2 23 The font style and size for a heading (e.g. H1) on a web page is determined by the browser that you are using. 24 If you leave the DOCTYPE tag out of an HTML file, the web page will not load. 25 A web page is a text file. 26 Because angle brackets have a special meaning in HTML, if you want your document to contain the symbol ‘<’ you have to use the special code ‘&lt;’ 27 2. Write a function that compares two files to see whether they contain exactly the same text. Your function should have the following definition line:
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q3-practice - Quiz 3 Practice Questions[1 If the statement...

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