Mitochondria and chloroplasts have dna which is

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Unformatted text preview: to mutation. organelles such as mitochondria are always "wild type." chloroplasts, for example, are completely dependent on the nuclear genome for components. none of the above. 1.C OM A. 1.C OM - PR EME D41 B. C. D. - PR EME D41 E. Answer: B - PR EME D41 1.C OM 7. Mitochondrial mutations are passed equally to offspring by both males and females. A. True B. False Answer: B 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 8. It is safe to say that a maternal effect is caused by the genotype, not the phenotype, of the parent producing the egg. A. True B. False Answer: A OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM - PR EME D41 9. A bacteriophage which is capable of entering either a lytic or lysogenic cycle is called a(an) A. temperate bacteriophage. B. virulent bacteriophage. C. plasmid. D. episome. E. plaque forming unit. Answer: A - PR EME D41 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C 10. Name the general category into which double-stranded circular extrachromosomal DNA elements such as F factors, ColE1, and R would fall. A. capsid B. r-determinant C. plaque D. partial diploid E. plasmid Answer: E - PR EME D4 11. COM - PR EME D4 11. COM 11. A form of bacterial recombination which involves a viral intermediate is called ________. A. Conjugation B. Transformation C. Recombination D. Transduction E. Viral infection Answer: D PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM 12. To produce recombinants in bacteria, one crossover is better than two. A. True B. False Answer: B M .CO 411 MED - PR E - PR EME D41 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 13. A symbiotic relationship between a phage and a bacterium apparently occurs in the process of ___________. A. lysogeny B. lytic cycle C. symbiosis D. conjugation E. ligation Answer: A - PR EME D41 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 14. Which term most appropriately refers to a regulatory protein in prokaryotes? A. translation B. RNA processing C. DNA binding protein D. gyrase action E. helicase activation Answer: C - PR EME D41 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 15. Which of the following terms best characterizes catabolite repression associated with the lac...
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