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10 03 Lecture 11 - Determining who should be responsible...

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Deck- 10/03/11 (Continuation from last class) Problem - a discrepancy (gap) between an existing and a desired state\ Problem solving tools 7 step problem solving o 1. Define the problem o 2. Containment o 3. Identify potential cause (cause and effect) o 4. Identify the root causes (5 whys) o 5. Implement corrective actions o 6. Implement preventive actions o 7. Validate Cause and effect diagram- is the cause from man, method, machine, materials, or environment? o I think this slide will be posted on line (fishbone diagram) 5 whys- used to discover the root cause of a problem o Why were the eggs bad? –old o Why did we use old eggs? –no fresh ones o Why didn’t we have fresh eggs? – o (basically just keep asking why until you can’t ask why anymore) Two frequent problems in problem solving 1. Jumping to identify solutions before the root cause is understood 2. Stopping the identification of solutions too soon Organizing
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Unformatted text preview: - Determining who should be responsible for doing what. (NEW TOPIC) Organizations can be tall or flat: • Flat organizations- fewer layers of management, but each layer has a wider span of control o More people report to each manager o Span of control- determines how many levels of management are necessary • Tall organizations- more layers of management, each manager manages a select few people Consequences of specialization • Greater coordination required • Boredom, absenteeism, turnover o Turnover- replacing employees who leave with new employees o Fast food restaurants have extremely high turnover rates (approx. 6 months) Structures of organization • Customer structure- based on customer base • Geographic structure- structure based on location • Matrix departmentalization o There are more, but she went really fast today. They are all in the book...
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