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10 12 Lecture 14 - Freedom (example, 70-20-10 rule) o 70%...

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Deck Notes 10/12/2011 ( bitch came in 10 minutes late today) Innovation - the process of taking a creative and novel idea and turning it into something useful She has been talking about the history of buttons for over 10 minutes Now she’s talking about the history and innovation of bikinis Creativity - the ability to combine ideas in a unique way She gave a scenario about getting a ping-pong ball out of a steel tube that is connected to the ground. We gave us a bunch of different items to use at our disposal (chisel, 100 feet of clothesline, light bulb, clothes hanger, and 4 more) You can’t break the ping pong ball, and you can’t move the pipe that houses the ball. This was meant to test our creativity Fluency - coming up with 8 or more answers Flexibility - Using 3 or more resources in a given answer Feasibility - likelihood of something working Creative people are not enough. An organization must foster a creative climate
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Unformatted text preview: Freedom (example, 70-20-10 rule) o 70% of time is spent on things directly related to business, 20% of time working on things that indirectly relate to the business, 10% of time spent thinking of off-the-wall ideas (this is time committed to thinking of new ideas) Availability of resources- even if you have a good idea you need the appropriate resources to test the idea Culture that celebrates failure- failure is a learning experience Managers Must 1. Recognize failure will happen 2. Recognize some innovations are ahead of their time 3. Balance innovation and efficiency Resistance to organizational change WILL occur People are usually satisfied with the way things are People fear change- fear of the unknown Unchanged leaders = unchanged organizations Creating a climate for change No surprises Gain allies early Show how change will benefit them...
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