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American Legacy Foundation Application: American Legacy Foundation is a program that I am thoroughly interested in. Not only because it is devoted to helping dissolve preventable public health problems, but also because it is an organization that is multifaceted and committed to addressing all aspects of public health issues. I am impressed and would be proud to be an intern for American Legacy Foundation for many reasons, one of the main ones being the fact that your organization is devoted to youth advocacy, addressing government affairs related to public health concerns and marketing and communication; it is a rare to find an organization committed to all of things you are passionate about. I hope, when I am an intern at American Legacy Foundation, to bring my lively, strong-willed, and devoted personality to your team of employees. I am a sophomore
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Unformatted text preview: undergraduate student at George Washington University majoring in Public Health. I am most excited and passionate about working in the public health field in the future. I am most interested in youth advocacy and global health as well as of course, one of the most important facets of public health; prevention. I am devoted to smoke cessation and currently work for as a federal work-study student. One of our many projects is a smoke cessation project in Serbia and America. I am interested in the research and evaluation position because I strongly believe research is one of the foundations for a successful advocacy and prevention campaign. This job will definitely prepare me for future careers in public health and/or medicine; research will be integral to all types of professions in these fields....
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