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Questions for Paper Presentations

Questions for Paper Presentations - Yontii Wheeler Nadirah...

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Yontii Wheeler, Nadirah Waites, Anna Benson, and Stephanie Mander Biology 011 Laboratory Problem : Slide 2: I am sure every one of you has seen and heard about the swine flu pandemic and how it is becoming more of a global issue. The extent to which H1N1 is affecting the general population makes it extremely important that patients that have symptoms of the Swine Flu are diagnosed correctly and if they actually have the flu, are diagnosed as positive for it. The only tests approved by the FDA to diagnose patients with swine flu are the RIDT test and the rRT-PCR test. The problem is becoming so wide spread that the government has become increasingly involved in tracking the outbreaks in the US. Approach Slide 3: The method discussed in this article, to detect H1N1 is called RIDT or Rapid In- fluenza Detection Test. This article compared the efficiency and accuracy of the RIDT test with the previous test used called rRT-PCR or Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction. The scientists tested students from two different schools with the RIDT test who had already been tested using the rRT-PCR test. Then, they compared the data they found with the data found by the rRT-PCR test. It is important to note that the scientists did not take into account the fact that the PCR test is not 100 % accurate. This is important because the document made it seem as if the PCR data was what they based the accuracy on.
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